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Workbench 3®

Card Printers

Overview & Key Features

All current users of FARGO printers, can download the Workbench Utility, which enables FARGO printers' users to update the FARGO printer firmware/driver for taking full advantage of new features, diagnostic tools, performance upgrades and enhanced security.

The FARGO Workbench is available for all FARGO printers produced since 2008. Once installed, it's easy to keep your HID Global FARGO printer always up-to-date with the latest enhancements!

Key Features
  • Enhance performance to HID FARGO printer
  • Ensure HID FARGO Printer firmware/driver is always up-to-date, enabling them to take full advantage of new features, diagnostic tools, printer performance upgrades and enhanced security as they become available
  • Improve overall print quality with accurate spot-color matching for printing cards true their brand
  • Leverage secure imaging and password protection for their printer resulting in greater peace of mind
  • Take greater ownership of their printer(s) with easy-to-understand diagnostic tools and informative instructions for resolving common issues, adjusting printer settings, cleaning their printer(s) and creating sample card images

Recent Enhancements

  • Support for HDP5600 consumables within HDP5000 printers
  • Support for lower-cost Half Panel ribbon types
  • New color assist tool to ensure accurate spot-color matching
  • Improved reliability and bug fixes
  • Ability to require password for each new print job
  • Printer display support for English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Simplified Chinese
  • Support for FARGO printer Wi-Fi accessory
  • Support for dual-card input hoppers
  • Quick magnetic encoding verification option in printers with financial magnetic encoder module

Video: FARGO® Workbench® 3 FARGO® Printerw Maintenance and Diagnostic Utility
Video: How To Update your FARGO® Printer Using FARGO® Workbench® 3 Utility
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