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Instant Issuance

Instant Issuance of Member, Club and Loyalty Cards

Card Desktop Printer/Encoder enables the secure, instant issuance of both ISO magnetic swipe and contact/contactless cards at retail outlets and other distributed locations, saving both time and money for the retailer issuer while providing the card holder with a Member, Club or Loyalty card that can be used immediately.

Many customers are still left waiting for days to receive their new or replacement membiership cards that often are not ever activated by the customer that receives them. But thanks to HID secure issuance technologies, organizations can now instantly print activated membiership cards and hand them directly to the customer, without any mailing necessary. At the time of the card issuance, customers can also choose to include a customized image for the card, such as a family portrait, pet or favorite vacation spot. For the retailer, these features ultimately increase customer retention and satisfaction but also increase their card profit by reducing operational cost, elevated card usage through faster card activation, ad hoc card usage training and attractive rewards programs.

Benefits of retail card instant issuance

  • Instant activation
  • Usage on 1st transaction
  • No worries about extra costs, theft and losses in the process of card delivery
  • Cost reduction in inventory control and logistics
  • Cost reduction of the overall card personalization management operation
  • Provides better customer experience
  • Most effective marketing tool
  • Increases customers’ loyalty

Card types isseued at retail outlets and other distributed locations

  • Loyalty /  Membership / Club cards
  • Prepaid and Gift cards
  • Fuel and Fleet cards
  • Insurance cards
  • Warranty cards
  • Instruction and Information cards
  • Company badges
  • Visitor badges

Instant issuance of both ISO magnetic swipe and contact/contactless cards can be realized using any of the follwoing FARGO® card printer models:

  • C50

  • DTC1000Me

  • DTC1250e

  • New DTC1500
  • DTC4250e
  • DTC4500e

  • New DTCii

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Video: HID FARGO® DTC Family - DTC1000M (Direct-to-Card) Printer/Encoder
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