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Overview & Key Features

The new FARGO® HDP8500LE Industrial Card Laser Engraver from HID Global integrates seamlessly with the HDP8500 card printer/encoder and card lamination modules, enabling increased credential and organizational security by combining high security laser-engraved personalization with superior High Definition Printing™ (HDP®).

Leveraging the most versatile laser engraving technology in card identity systems, HID's HDP8500LE introduces multiple personalization attributes, making forgery and manipulation virtually impossible. Attempts to alter engraved information will result in visible card damage.

The HDP8500LE uses superior HID Global technology to engrave permanent, unalterable data into cards that demand the highest level of security.

HDP8500LE Industrial Card Laser Engraver Applications
Government-to-citizen IDs

  • Driver Licenses
  • National IDs
  • Border crossing cards
  • Voter registration

Service bureau ID production

University student ID/payment cards

Video: HID FARGO® HDP8500LE (HDP8500) Printer/Encoder
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