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EasyLobby® eAdvance™

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EasyLobby® Visitor Management

EasyLobby® eAdvance Visitor Pre-Registration
Enables any authorized employee to pre-register visitors using a web-based form.

EasyLobby® eAdvance Visitor Pre-Registration

As part of HID Global’s EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management software portfolio, the eAdvance™ solution is a web-based application that enables authorized employees or tenants to quickly and easily pre-register visitors online, before the guest arrives. Using an organization’s internal intranet or Internet, any or all employees can be granted access to use eAdvance with no training required. The employee simply logs onto eAdvance, which can be located at onsite or hosted by HID Global, and completes a simple visitor registration form.

In a busy lobby, using eAdvance can greatly reduce visitor check-in time and lobby congestion. Since the visitor can be pre-registered through eAdvance, the receptionist or guard can simply scan the visitor’s license when they arrive (or quickly consult an on-screen list of pre-registered visitors), and with one mouse click, the visitor is checked in and the badge is printed.

Key Features

  • Supports individual and group registration.

  • Delivers email confirmations to employees and individual visitors or groups, including registration number and barcode.

  • Employs rules-based approval levels.

  • Enables returning visitor lookup for quick re-registration and permits employees and tenants to perform check-out online to reduce check-in and check-out time.

  • Contains user password management and allows for single sign-on/authentication support.

  • Offers online employee list and rights management.

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